Our first programme

AAA took its first action in Nepal in Nepalgunj, a frontier city, 7 km from India. There, with Bina Malla and Parijat Gosh, we supported a group of children in difficulties: some were orphans, some had relatives in difficult situations.  There, one step at a time, we built a house and an important school.

Over the years, AAA has gone on to support a large family of 79 children and the school, with the efficient management of Parijat Gosh and Bina Malla, has become a landmark of education in the Teraï region.

We have faced difficulties: malaria, diseases, poor daily life conditions and even the terrible civil war.  But, over the years, we have achieved some wonderful results. We have seen children reaching higher education, leaving Nepalgunj for Kathmandu, joining colleges and university.

In 2016, AAA still had a group of 14 students. As they approach an independent life, AAA is developing other partnerships to help in education. AAA provides scholarships, called ‘Gokul scholarships’, to support some students.

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