The Action Autonomie Avenir association was officially born on April 22, 1992,  authorised by the Ministry of the Interior.

Its origins are older, according to Cécile Pelous, then a stylist in Paris, who decided to meet Mother Teresa in Calcutta in order to help with humanitarian activities in India. In Nepal, Cécile Pelous met Bina Malla and Parijat Gosh, in Nepalgunj, a town in Terai. She helped them in their project of taking in children, who were either orphans or extremely poor, and in the construction of a school. A total of 79 children were taken in and a school for 1000 students was set up.

A group of friends were to join in with this action. Action Autonomie Avenir thus linked with the United States with Diana Peterson, with Holland, with Kea and Rudd Onstein, and in Germany with Ellen Dietrich. In France, Patrick Manac’h joined in with the association.

Action Autonomie Avenir is a non-religious, non-political organisation. It is the expression of a desire to make a direct, humanist and generous contribution which will give a bit of sense in our lives.