Our goal is to maintain the education of people in situations and countries where their families cannot pay for this education. We take a humanist approach, in the sense that we build up individual partnerships with people and with local associations, people that we meet while on visits to the country – Nepal or Morocco. This approach is very rewarding: however, it often puts us in situations where we have to respond to needs which are not directly related to our prime objective.

A perfect example of this is the issue of health services. Health is unfortunately something which is an unpredictable risk in countries which do not provide a national health service. So sometimes there are difficult cases which need our generosity.

Year after year, we have considered this question carefully and it has therefore seemed appropriate to us to provide a budgetary solution.  We have thus provided a sum in our provisional budget that is a little higher than what we spent on health last year. In 2016, the health fund (for Nepal and Morocco) was set at €10,000.