In the report here you can see all the work that AAA did, with partners as well, after the dreadful earthquake of 2015, which destroyed 16,000 schools, temples and homes.

Entire villages were eliminated and our house in Helambu, Melanchi, collapsed. Money was collected: in the USA, in Canada, in Holland, in France. Ellen Dietrich also collected money in Germany.

There were many of you who reacted spontaneously to the emotion that this natural catastrophe caused, and more so because Cécile and Pierre-Yves were there when the disaster occurred.

Through a campaign to raise funds, there and on Facebook, we were able to raise around €40,000. We thank you all for your generosity. In addition to the regular French supporters who have followed our programmes for many years, we had an exceptional contribution from our Dutch friends, who remembered AAA after the earthquake and entrusted us with their contributions.

The students of Camosun College (British Colombia, Canada), who had visited on two consecutive years as volunteers, in particular with Gokul (who died in the earthquake) also managed to send us generous contributions.

And finally, students in the United States, particularly Sitaram, Nepali, a former AAA scholarship beneficiary, responded spontaneously and individually to the needs of the country.

Source of the funds (€39,347)

France : 19,720 €



Holland : 15,000€



Canada (Camosun College) : 4,202€



United States (students) : 875€

These funds were allocated progressively, but first of all to emergency needs, with a campaign to distribute bags of food that we were able to put in place with the assistance of the AAN team.

However, as you know, we are not an emergency NGO; our objective is education, long-term. The essence of our work has therefore consisted of building partnerships with representatives of local organisations, the majority of whom we had known for a long time.

This work took us several months: for the essential aid we worked via internet exchanges with our partners, checking budgets and finance plans, and through sending photos both ways, waiting for our next visit from Dasaïn (October 2015).

School reconstruction in Gorkah: AAA contribution – 10,000 euros

Allocation of funds (€39,347)

AAN (Helambu, distribution of emergency food

2,460 euros

SHN (Nagarkot, aid to the village of Gokul)

4,202 euros

Karma Flights (Arnakot, advance sponsorship)

1,000 euros

SIDEC (Helambu academic supplies)

4,000 euros

MFD (Nuwakot, construction of a library)

2,000 euros

Karma Flights ( Arnakot, 17 school sponsorships )

5,120 euros

SIDEC (Helambu school supplies)

2,000 euros

SIDEC (Pragati school 10 school sponsorships)

3,600 euros

Karma lights (Arnakot construction of a school)

11,000 euros

We still have €15,686 left, which we can allocate as necessary according to our meetings with our various partners – in the reconstruction of the country, or to allocate to projects already under way.

Aside from the AAA budget, we must also mention an exceptional donation from the American association Choice Humanitarian, which has come to us thanks to Diana Peterson, a donation which can finance everything needed for the house at Melamchi, which was badly damaged by the earthquake.